Woods Hole - Cape Cod
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Saturday, July 30 through
Saturday, August 6, 2022
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Films & Events

The 2022 Woods Hole Film Festival will consist of 55 film programs plus talks and events. 

Films are screening in theaters and online (July 30th  – August 6th) Tickets can be purchased on each film’s event page. (Miles From Nowhere, The Butterfly in the Sky, Fashion Reimagined & Bonnie Blue: James Cotton’s Life in the Blues will not screen virtually) 

Individual Tickets go on sale July 1st, 2022

Northern Shade

Justin McLaughlin, a disenchanted Army vet working a menial job and avoiding his past, is forced to emerge from isolation when his younger brother…

Of Medicine and Miracles (formerly Trial By Fire)

At the age of six, Emily Whitehead was diagnosed with leukemia and the lives of her and her parents were suddenly thrust into uncertainty….

On These Grounds

A video goes viral, showing a white police officer in South Carolina pull a Black teenager from her school desk and throw her across…

Panel: From Pole to Pole

Explorer Will Steger, Filmmakers Tasha Van Zandt (After Antarctica), Holly Morris (Exposure), Kathy Kasic (The Lake at the Bottom of the World) and WHOI…


Set within Kenya’s Maasai homeland, an intimate and contemporary story of self-discovery unfolds, as 12 women become East Africa’s first all-female anti-poaching unit. Upending…

Route One North

Sisters Sarah and Bee set off to track down their long-absent father after their mother refuses to give 16-year-old Bee permission to marry her…


Frank McKinney is the first (and only) Black college rugby coach in the U.S. When Frank is hired to build a new rugby team…

SHORTS: Art In Many Forms

15 grains of sand • Charlotte • DOPO YUMEmories • Make Me A King • Memento Mori • Stranger Than Rotterdam with Sara Driver…

SHORTS: Be The Change

Beauty Queen • Burros • Jill and Jack • Stranger at the Gate • Superheroes Wear Hoodies • The Recess…

SHORTS: Conversations

An Encounter • Bounty • Desmond”s Not Here Anymore • Mold of Malachi • The Stupid Boy • Vigilant • Wailing Wall…

SHORTS: Decisions Decisions

All That Glitters • Bea, Seriously • En Avant • Sinking Ships • The Dress • Your Mountain Is Waiting…

SHORTS: Finding Our Way

Fourth of July • More Than I Remember • My Dear God • North Star • The Sea of Hope • WanderLand…