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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2023 Films and Events

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Are you an experienced writer looking to push ahead with a comedy project? Or maybe you’ve got an itch to try your hand at funny writing in a fun, supportive environment? If so, this Woods Hole Film Festival writing workshop is for you! Over three days in beautiful Woods Hole, participants will read, discuss, be inspired, make new friends — and write funny stuff. Whether you’re interested in writing monologue jokes, sketches, longer comedy scripts, humorous fiction, or even song lyrics, veteran comedy writer Steve Young (leading his third Woods Hole comedy workshop) will help you make progress. Participants will collaborate on a comedy piece that will be performed live on Saturday evening as part of the Awards Night festivities. An opportunity to perform (if you want) as well as write!
A character-driven story is one of the compelling and engaging ways to drive a documentary, but it can be a complicated process to navigate—and one that is totally different from a traditional expository documentary. In this masterclass we’ll examine how to find characters that will make your story “pop,” how to make use of storytelling tools traditionally used in the narrative space to craft a story arc, how to remain flexible with the story, and how to bring it all together to create a memorable character-driven story that captivates viewers.
How much should you crowdfund for? As much as you need to move your project forward! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build a budget, utilize loans to make up your budget (conceptually as well as literally), navigate the ask, break down your script, and get creative with ways to cut costs without sacrificing your vision.
Join Moderator Tribekah Jordan, Tim Miller, Allyson Johnson, Sarah G. Vincent, Tim Jackson and Tom Meek, members of the Boston Society of Film Critics for a spirited discussion about the changing role of film critics in the age of artificial intelligence and streaming.
First impressions matter! Knowing when to start marketing yourself and/or your project is crucial to its success. Before you launch an endeavor, learn how to identify your marketing audience, the timing for your outreach, and how to present yourself with best industry practices. We’ll touch upon AI and how to use this tool to your advantage. WIFVNE Board of Director Kristen Falso-Capaldi will moderate this panel discussion with experienced professionals in the business. Christine Merser, Managing Partner of Blue Shoe Content; Gia Galligani, Executive Producer/Showrunner and Development Executive; and John Edginton, Documentary Film Director/Producer/Executive Producer.