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Saturday, July 29 through
Saturday, August 5, 2023
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WHFF Programming Fellowship 2022-2023

The Woods Hole Film Festival Programming Fellowship was created in 2020 in order to develop a new generation of Film Festival Programmers. The Fellowship is an opportunity to learn the basics of how to review and consider film festival submissions, develop a multi-faceted Festival program, create a line-up and schedule and learn about the film festival industry as a whole.

About the Fellowship

The Woods Hole Film Festival will select five Fellows to participate virtually as part of the screening committee and programming team.

The Fellowship dates are November through August.

Working under the direct supervision of the Associate Festival Director/Submissions Coordinator, the Fellows will participate in the screening and programming process from beginning to end and learn how to review and evaluate films and how to develop an overall program. Additionally, the Fellows will be provided with a monthly opportunity to meet virtually with film festival industry professionals from many other festivals. (Note: This is a volunteer-based program. There is no compensation or stipend available for fellowship participants.)

Requirements/Benefits of the Fellowship

  • Screen 3 – 5 hours of films weekly (amount of time will vary) and develop a written evaluation for each film based on Festival criteria.
  • Participate in monthly submissions review meetings with Submissions Coordinator and Programming teams.
  • Participate in monthly learning/networking opportunities with industry professionals and learn more about the festival industry.
  • Attend the Woods Hole Film Festival (travel stipend and housing may be provided) to intorduce film, moderate Q&As with attending filmmakers and assist with hosting filmmaker events.


  • Knowledge of and an appreciation for independent film.
  • The Fellowship is a virtual program and all meetings and review platforms will take place on web-based platforms. Fellow must have ability to access and use programs and platforms used by Festival.
  • Availability to participate in the entire program pursuant to Festival rules and code of conduct.
  • Interest in learning about programming and the film festival industry as a whole.

Contact John Gamache at techdirectorwhff@gmail.com