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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Panels, Workshops, Master Classes

The panels, workshops and master classes offer a great opportunity to learn at the Festival.

Sunday, July 28, 1:30 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Documentary Problem Solving with John Edginton

There are many challenges associated with making a documentary film and a good story is just the beginning. At any stage of the film-making process, there are concerns and problems, both large and small to work around, whether developing/pitching the project, assembling a team, fundraising and budgeting, working with the subjects, changing landscape, editing, post-production/delivery and festivals/distribution. In this session, John Edginton will discuss issues of importance to the attendees.

Prior to the workshop attendees will be asked write up a topic or question for discussion. All suggestions will be anonymous and the responses will be geared toward the general audience. John will offer responses based on his own experiences as both a filmmaker and consultant on many feature documentaries. There will be time for Q&A during this session.

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More about John Edginton

Monday, July 29, 12 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Film & Science Panel Discussion, presented by the Woods Hole Film Festival Film & Science Initiative

The Woods Hole Film Festival Film and Science Initiative presents a panel discussion focused on how to expand and extend the impact of a film beyond the film itself. How do you create related content and expand the audience engagement? Join panel moderator Beth Murphy, filmmaker and Director of Groundtruth Films, Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth, The Right Whale Documentary, Sheila Leddy, Executive Director of the Fledgling Fund and Bruce Strikrott, Group Manager and Chief Pilot of the Deep Submergence Vehicle Alvin, for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for this interesting and timely panel.

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Thursday, August 1, 12 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Panel Discussion, hosted by Women in Film & Video New England

Making a film is a multifaceted journey. You might start off with a map and clear direction, but of course, changes arise. It’s how we handle them that define our path. WIFVNE President Alecia Orsini will chat with filmmakers about their journeys in filmmaking. We will talk about everything from how they decided what to film, the path to funding, the sort of story they wanted to tell, and what story ended up being told, and all the excursions along the way.

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Presented with Women in Film and Video New England

Thursday, August 1, 2:30 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
VFX Workshop with Adam Howard

We all know the famous moments in movie history: ET’s ship taking off in the forest, Neo fighting in The Matrix, Los Angeles collapsing in Earthquake, the ship sinking in Titanic, The Avengers in full battle and so many more. But, we only know about these moments from the point of view of the filmmaker and the Director of Photography. Now it’s time to see them from the other side of the camera.

In this workshop we will dive into the brilliant and ridiculously imaginative world of special and visual effects. Find out the tricks of the masters as they use techniques like miniatures, matte paintings, puppetry, animation, makeup and more. Learn about how to incorporate special and visual effects into independent film– both feature and documentary.

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Woods Hole Film Festival 2018 Special Guest Adam Howard returns to offer a workshop on visual and special effects in independent film. Adam’s 35 year career as a Visual Effects Supervisor/Designer/Consultant includes films such as The Social Network, Birdman, Ghosts of the Abyss, Titanic, Armageddon, Star Trek and theme park attraction Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey.

Friday, August 2, 3:00 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Reel Funny: Comedy in Independent Film, with Steve Young

Over a multi-decade career in television, Steve Young has been a comedy writer for David Letterman and The Simpsons, among many others. Now, Steve is the star of the award-winning comedy music documentary Bathtubs Over Broadway, created and directed by Dava Whisenant. The film follows Steve as he discovers, and becomes obsessed with, the hidden and hilarious world of “industrial shows” – full-fledged musicals written for corporate conventions.  Suddenly the comedy writer was out of the back room and in front of the camera. The documentary, which was written by Ozzy Inguanzo and Dava Whisenant, received the WGA Award for Best Documentary Screenplay as well as Tribeca’s award for Best New Documentary Director.

Join Steve for this special workshop in which he discusses the experience of being the subject of a hilarious and heartfelt film, the challenges of writing comedy for some of TV’s biggest shows, and how comedy in film and television can go beyond easy laughs.

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Saturday, August 3rd, 2:00 pm  Old Woods Hole Fire Station

The Film Critic’s Mission

Continuing a lively discussion from the 2018 festival, this year’s panel includes film critics Ty Burr of The Boston Globe; Dana Barbuto of The Patriot Ledger in Quincy; Tom Meek of Cambridge Day, the WBUR ARTery and the Charleston City Paper; Allyson Johnson of The YoungFolks.com; and moderator Tim Miller of the Cape Cod Times. The writers will discuss what their goals are as critics, how they try to best serve their readers and the film community, and why they do what they do. The panel also will take questions from filmmakers and other audience members.

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