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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Short Films

The Woods Hole Film Festival is proud to present the short films for the 28th Woods Hole Film Festival.
110 films representing 12 countries, as well as 10 World premieres, 4 North American premieres, and 6 US premieres.

See all the Shorts Programs HERE
(** precedes feature film)

134 by Sarah-Jane Drummey • Ireland
A Prince Is Not Respected In His Hometown by Bryan Sih • USA
Aleppo by Anthony Grippa • USA
All We Are by Will Stewart • USA
ASIA A by Andrew Reid • USA
Dios Nunca Muere (God Never Dies) by Barbara Cigarroa • USA
Dog in the Woods by Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman • USA**
Duke by Thiago Dadalt • USA
Grace by Alexia Oldini & Steven Gray • USA**
Guest of Honor by Lisa Belcher • USA
Helen by Ji Hyun Kim • USA, South Korea
Her Body by Juan Avella • USA
How Do You Type a Broken Heart by Jeremiah Kipp • USA
How To Be Alone by Kate Trefry • USA
I’d Never Bother Another Chicken Again by Helen Cho Anthos • USA
In Colors by Stephanie Willis • USA
Knock Knock by Alex Mancuso • USA
Knowing by Adam Dietrich & Elliott Gilbert, II • USA
Little Bird by Nieves Garcia Perchin • USA
Look at Lucas by Agustin McCarthy • USA
Love, Charlie by Jon D Cohen • Australia
Mama Bear by Matt Cohen • USA
Man In Focus by Gang Wang • USA
Men of Vision by Frank Todaro • United Kingdom
New Bronx by Filip Ignatowicz • Poland
Put Your Feet Up by Peter Horgan • USA**
Q&A by Yueh-Tzu Sun • USA/Taiwan
Rapacious by Eamonn Keane Ireland**
Redress by Marty Lang • USA
Rehearsal by Courtney Hope Thérond • USA
Rest Stop by Stephen Baxter • Canada
Rocket Boy by Simon Sorted • United Kingdom**
Rockstar by Tane McClure • USA
Songbird by Helen Baldwin • USA
The Bartender by Travis Newsad • USA
The Cape by Andrew Olson • USA
The Color Red Only by Andrew Rotondi • USA
The Dinner Guest by Dale Griffiths Stamos • USA
The Forgotten by Sam Uhlemann • Ireland
The Neighbors’ Window by Marshall Curry • USA
The Room In The Elephant by Tricia Lee • USA
The Slows by Nicole Perlman • USA
The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey • USA
The Summer House by Luke Willis • USA
The Voicemail by Kyle Solomon • USA**
Tomorrow by Karis Campbell • USA
Touchscreen by Arthur Halpern • USA
Virtually by P. Patrick Hogan • USA
Where Dreams Rest by Elaine Wong • USA
White Flags by Luke Harlan • USA

A Song Can’t Burn by Roscoe Neil • United Kingdom
Alpha Mare by Mimi Wilcox & Victor Tadashi Suarez • USA
Aunty by Dave LaMattina & Chad Walker • USA
Because You’re Here by Mike Syers • USA
Bodies Like Oceans by Kat Cory • USA
Cape Cod: Journey to the Bigs by Loren Mendall & Laura Mickelson • USA**
Constant Thought by Palmer Morse & Matt Mikkelsen • USA**
Cool as Ice by Ed McDonough & Bob Lang • USA
counter//balance by Anuradha Rana • USA
Danny’s Super 8 by Colin Russell & Alec Rodriques • USA
Detroit Hives by Palmer Morse & Rachel Weinberg • USA**
Go For Landing by Kevin Stirling • USA
LARP: A Love Story by Summre Garber • USA**
Love Birds by Ashley Mosher • Peru
Max and the Dragonfly by Barry Rubinow • USA**
Ocean Station November by Damon Stuebner • USA
One in a Million by Ross Kauffman & Jeremiah Zagar • USA**
Recipe For Disaster: Green Crabs in The Great Marsh by Nubar Alexanian • USA
Rocky Mountains Encounter by John Banovich • Canada**
Stolen Apes by Colin Sytsma • USA
The Bomb by Robert Jones • USA
The Conqueror by Timothy Blackwood • USA**
The Kodiak Queen by Rob Sorrenti • United Kingdom**
The Last Trap Family by Hudson Lines • USA*
The Love Bugs by Allison Otto & Maria Clinton • USA
The Queen of Connemara by Ed Hannigan • Ireland
To Find A Harpy by Daniel O’Neill • United Kingdom
True Believer by Sarah Colt & Josh Gleason • USA**
Valley of the Bones by Dylan Trivette • USA*

Bob and Edgar by Bill Redding • USA
Demand Curve by The Bragg Brothers • USA
Down by Garry Crystal • United Kingdom
Fairy Tail by Justin + Kristin Schaack • USA
Heather Has Four Moms by Jeanette L. Buck • USA/United Kingdom
Hook Up 2.0 by Dana Nachman • USA
Made Public by Foster Wilson • USA
Masters by Mark Ward • USA**
Narrator Syndrome by Tijuana Ricks • USA
Off the Rails by Mark Kiefer • USA
Once More, From the Top by Evan Friesen • Canada
Over the Line by Aaron Hall • Canada
Personal Best by Kevin P. Alexander • USA
Queen for a Day by Savannah Rodgers • USA
Rick Thunder In… Look Back Tomorrow by Jason Harris • USA
Swiped by Steve Whiteley • United Kingdom
Swung by Fokke Baarssen • Netherlands
Troll Bridge by Daniel Knight • Australia
Untitled Groping Revenge Fairytale by Catherine Bisley • New Zealand
VR CR3W by Pavel Suslov • USA
w4m by Daniel Goldstein • USA
You Drive Me Crazy by Vickie Rose Sampson • USA
Zoe & Bryn by Maura Smith • USA

Alaska to Hawaii – an epic journey by Rémi Cans • France**
Doubts by October Project • USA**
Gingerfall: Reckoning by Kris Theorin & Kurtis Theorin • USA
Girl in the Hallway by Valerie Barnhart • Canada
Gun Shop by Patrick Smith • USA
In the House of Paper Flowers by Anita George • USA**
L’Homme et le Poisson by Lewis Leon • Canada
Lullaby Theories: Babies & Babies & Babies by Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque • USA**
Oh Baby! by Meghann Artes • USA
The Phantom 52 by Geoff Marslett • USA**
The Queen of the South Sea by Isaac Kerlow • USA
Trump Bites: Trump & Putin by Bill Plympton, Billy Shebar & David C. Roberts • USA
Trump Bites: Trump’s Worst Nightmare by Bill Plympton, Billy Shebar & David C. Roberts • USA
Two Balloons by Mark Smith • USA