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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Feature Films

The Woods Hole Film Festival is proud to present the feature narrative and documentary films for the 28th Woods Hole Film Festival.

A Little Water
by Alexandra Zelman-Doring • USA
Above the Clouds by Leon Chambers • United Kingdom
Alaska Is A Drag by Shaz Bennett • USA
Aleksi by Barbara Vekarić • Croatia
Babysplitters by Sam Friedlander • USA
Banana Split by Benjamin Kasulke • USA
Clementine by Lara Gallagher • USA
Collisions by Richard Levien • USA
Dark Sense by Magnus Wake • United Kingdom
Datsche by Lara Hewitt • United Kingdom
Greener Grass by Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn Luebbe • USA
Guest Artist by Timothy Busfield • USA
Gutterbug by Andrew Gibson • USA
Love Flower by Sahm McGlynn • USA
Nathan’s Kingdom by Olicer Muñoz • USA
Nose to Tail by Jesse Zigelstein • Canada
One Man Dies a Million Times by Jessica Oreck • USA
Safe Spaces by Daniel Schechter • USA
Spiral Farm by Alec Tibaldi • USA
The Last Beyond by Graham DuBose • USA
Vai by Nicole Whippy, ‘Ofa-Ki-Levuka Guttenbeil-Likiliki, Matasila Freshwater, Amberley Jo Aumua, Miria George, Marina Alofagia McCartney, Dianna Fuemana & Becs Arahanga • New Zealand
Working Man by Robert Jury • USA

17 Blocks
by Davy Rothbart • USA
Anbessa by Mo Scarpelli • Ethiopia, Italy, USA
Autonomy by Alex Horwitz • USA
Bluebird by Brian Loschiavo • USA**
Changing The Game by Michael Barnett • USA
Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am? by Nick Mead • USA
Cooked: Survival by Zip Code by Judith Helfand • USA
Ernie & Joe by Jenifer McShane • USA
Float by Phil Kibbe • USA
Human Nature by Adam Bolt • USA
It Started As A Joke by Julie Smith Clem & Ken Druckerman • USA
Jim Allison: Breakthrough by Bill Haney • USA
Lobster War: The Fight Over the World’s Richest Fishing Grounds by David Abel & Andy Laub • USA
New Homeland by Barbara Kopple • USA
Ocean Quest XPRIZE Competition Documentary by Danny Kim & Shane Vermooten • USA
Olympia by Harry Mavromichalis • USA
Path of the Daff by Michael Piscitelli • USA
Picture Character by Martha Shane & Ian Cheney • USA
Pizza, A Love Story by Gorman Bechard • USA
Runner by Bill Gallagher • USA
Stuffed by Erin Derham • USA, Canada
The Last American Colony by Bestor Cram & Mike Majoros • Puerto Rico
The Pollinators by Peter Nelson • USA
The Serengeti Rules by Nicolas Brown • United Kingdom
The Weight of Water by Michael Brown • USA
To Kid Or Not To Kid by Maxine Trump • USA
WBCN and The American Revolution by Bill Lichtenstein • USA
We Believe in Dinosaurs by Clayton Brown & Monica Long Ross • USA
Well Groomed by Rebecca Stern • USA
What Will Become of Us by Steven Cantor • USA
While I Breathe, I Hope by Emily Harrold • USA
You Gave Me A Song by Kenny Dalsheimer • USA

** Eligible for Jury Award only. No audience voting at screening.