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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Panel: From Pole to Pole – Aug 1 – 02:00PM – Redfield Auditorium

Panel: From Pole to Pole

Explorer Will Steger, Filmmakers Tasha Van Zandt (After Antarctica), Holly Morris (Exposure), Kathy Kasic (The Lake at the Bottom of the World) and WHOI Polar scientist Sarah Das will discuss the process of communicating climate change through documentary film. After Antarctica, Exposure and The Lake at the Bottom of the World will screen as part of the Woods Hole Film Festival line up. The panel is presented by the Yawkey Foundation as part of WHOI’s summer series DISPATCHES FROM AN OCEAN PLANET. The panel is free, but a ticket is required.

The Mirror Game – Aug 1 – 08:30PM – Redfield Auditorium

The Mirror Game

Childhood friends Rose and Abe both find themselves in Las Vegas on the same weekend, but when Rose asks Abe for a life-changing favor, the evening takes a turn for the unexpected, and the two spend the night trying to beat the odds.

SHORTS: Thicker Than Water – Aug 1 – 04:00PM – Redfield Auditorium

SHORTS: Modern Problems – Aug 1 – 05:00PM – Clapp (formerly Lillie) Auditorium

Miles From Nowhere

During an annual cabin retreat, a dying man must confront past mistakes after learning he may not know his friends as well as he may think. MILES FROM NOWHERE examines the shifting nature of relationships, the price of silence and secrets, and the confusion, not clarity, that can overcome a person faced with the reality of their own death.

Miles From Nowhere – Aug 1 – 05:30PM – Falmouth Academy – Morse Hall

Hékate – Aug 1 – 08:00PM – Falmouth Academy – Morse Hall


”We”re in the middle of nowhere with my almost-dead boyfriend in there.” Helena and Kira argue on the side of the road. No destination in mind, no plan to follow. The journey unfolds kilometer by kilometer; a journey that soon becomes a ritual.

Fashion Reimagined – Aug 1 – 07:30PM – Clapp (formerly Lillie) Auditorium

Fashion Reimagined

Fashion designer Amy Powney of cult label Mother of Pearl is a rising star in the London fashion scene. Raised off-the-grid in rural England by activist parents, Amy has always felt uneasy about the devastating environmental impact of her industry. When she wins the coveted Vogue award for the Best Young Designer of the Year, which comes with a big cash prize, Amy decides to use the money to create a sustainable collection from field to finished garment, and transform her entire business. Over the following three years, her own personal revolution becomes the precursor of a much bigger, societal change.


Against all odds and polar advice, a Muslim chaplain, a French biologist, a Qatari princess and eight other women from the Arab World and the West attempt to ski across the melting Arctic sea ice to the North Pole. These boundary-breaking adventurers, led by veteran polar explorer Felicity Aston, navigate everything from frostbite and polar bear threats, to sexism and self-doubt in an intimate story of resilience, survival and global citizenry. These audacious women are also, to date, the last ever to ski over the ice to the North Pole.

Exposure – Aug 1 – 06:15PM – Redfield Auditorium