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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Master Class: Tasha van Zandt

Eyewitness Storytelling • Filmmaker In Residence Tasha Van Zandt will offer a case study of her feature documentary AFTER ANTARCTICA with a focus on telling a story as expansive as climate change through the journey of a single individual – explorer Will Steger.

Master Class: Tasha van Zandt – Aug 2 – 02:30PM – Community Hall

Master Class: Tasha van Zandt – Aug 2 – 02:30PM – Community Hall

The Territory – Aug 2 – 04:00PM – Redfield Auditorium

The Territory w/ ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught)

The Uru-eu-wau-wau Indigenous Surveillance Team defends their land against a network of Brazilian farmers intent on colonizing their protected territory. Their fight for survival forces Bitate and Neidinha – a young Indigenous leader and his female mentor – to find new ways to protect the rainforest from the encroaching invaders. Through intimate access to both the Indigenous community and the opposing farmers network, the film brings audiences directly into the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

The House We Lived In – Aug 2 – 05:00PM – Clapp (formerly Lillie) Auditorium

The House We Lived In

A decade in the making, a young filmmaker confronts addiction, family, and memory as he chronicles his father‘s journey to recover lost memories following a traumatic brain injury. Using experimental approaches with projected installations, he attempts to find those missing memories in hopes of finding the dad he used to know. As memories return in the form of dreams the family struggles with acceptance of this new version of their father.

The Chisels Are Calling – Aug 2 – 07:30PM – Falmouth Academy – Simon Center

The Chisels Are Calling

John Monteleone is one of the world’s greatest guitar builders, and a living artist on permanent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Featuring musical tributes and interviews with Mark Knopfler, Ben Harper, David Grisman, Woody Mann, Julian Lage and others, the film covers the multi-faceted artist whose guitars are known not only for their incredible sound, but also for their visually striking and innovative designs.

SHORTS: It’s Getting Dark In Here – Aug 2 – 08:30PM – Redfield Auditorium

Route One North – Aug 2 – 06:15PM – Redfield Auditorium

Route One North w/ The Errand

Sisters Sarah and Bee set off to track down their long-absent father after their mother refuses to give 16-year-old Bee permission to marry her military boyfriend.

On These Grounds – Aug 2 – 05:00PM – Falmouth Academy – Simon Center

On These Grounds

A video goes viral, showing a white police officer in South Carolina pull a Black teenager from her school desk and throw her across the floor. Healer-Activist Vivian Anderson uproots her life in New York City to support the girl and dismantle the system behind the assault at Spring Valley, including facing the police officer.

From the Hood to the Holler – Aug 2 – 07:30PM – Clapp (formerly Lillie) Auditorium

From the Hood to the Holler

Running in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat held by Mitch McConnell, Charles Booker attempts one of the biggest upsets in political history by challenging establishment- backed candidate Amy McGrath. Booker’s campaign across Kentucky, from the most urban to the most rural settings, with Booker and his team rewrites the campaign playbook. Instead of exploiting divisions, they lean into the idea that average Kentuckians have common bonds, united by their shared day-to-day fight to survive. Booker works to represent Kentuckians, both Black and White, who feel entirely left out of the political process. His message is simple: Whether you are from the city “hood” — like Booker — or the Appalachian “holler,” you are not invisible.