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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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All Men Are Wicked

After a run in with the local hangman, a young outlaw finds himself bound and dangling by the ankles from an old ranch gate. He’s accused of robbing a stagecoach and making off with $1200 worth of bank bonds. And he isn’t alone. Strung up beside him are two others, accused of the same crime. The deal is simple: they tell the Hangman where to find the bonds, and he’ll set them free. But who, if anyone, is guilty? There’s Barry, down on his luck without a penny to his name. There’s this mysterious new guy who swears he “ain’t no outlaw” but whose stories aren’t adding up. And then there’s the man in the mustache; folks call him Catfish, the slipperiest eel in the West. Will he find them a way out of this? Or does he have plans of his own?
DIRECTOR(S): Peggy O”Sullivan, Michael Hansen



PREMIERE STATUS: Massachusetts
YEAR: 2023
RUN TIME: 104 Minutes