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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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King Coal

Central Appalachia is a place of mountains and myth. Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon knows this well, calling those mountains home. Coal has had a profound influence on this community’s identity, but Sheldon dares to consider what future stories might look like outside the shadow of coal, now that ourrelationships to coal are changing. The film takes us on an alluring cinematic journey through the past, present, and future of Appalachia. Sheldon’s distinct vision remixes present-day moments of life in a coal-mining town with archival footage and atmospheric invocations of the land to create something new — a rare, nuanced depiction of this community. The end of one story welcomes the beginning of another.
DIRECTOR(S): Elaine Sheldon



PREMIERE STATUS: Massachusetts
YEAR: 2023
RUN TIME: 79 Minutes