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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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My Dear Aunt Sally

After a grade-schooler with crippling anxiety reluctantly spends time with his free spirited Aunt Sally he learns the powerful lessons of taking risks, making mistakes and dealing with adversity.
DIRECTOR(S): Tom Procida

Presented as Part Of SHORTS: The Kids Are Alright

A Family Portrait, Queens

A single mother struggles with loss and hardship, but through the resilience of her three young sons, she find...
15 min | Billy Silva | | New England
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Tidy House

On a camping trip in Wales, an eight year old girl witnesses the emotional breakdown of her father, and become...
13 min | Douglas Dezzani | | New England
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A non-binary child struggles to find the perfect Father''s Day gift for their disapproving dad....
20 min | Kristen Wolf | | New England
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Sally, Get the Potatoes

A little girl takes an unexpected ride in her wealthy family''s rolling laundry cart - and learns their secret...
17 min | Danicah Waldo | | New England
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Dog Days

Adele is a young girl who struggles with confidence in her body. When she''s challenged by a group of kids dur...
9 min | Carlotta Beck Peccoz | | New England
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While under the influence of anesthesia during plastic surgery, Lily meets a grandmother she never knew who he...
7 min | Amanda Pinto |
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PREMIERE STATUS: Massachusetts
YEAR: 2023
RUN TIME: 10 Minutes