Woods Hole - Cape Cod
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Saturday, July 29 through
Saturday, August 5, 2023
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Kory turns back to street-fighting to raise cash for his daughters’ music school against his better judgement and the love of his life’s wishes. Seeking guidance from family, he tries to figure out where his focus should lie.
DIRECTOR(S): Brandon McKnight

Presented as Part Of SHORTS: Finding Our Way

The Social Chameleon

Cosmo the Chameleon doesn't fit in with the other animals. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to ...
10 min | Alex Ross
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Foreign Uncle

Sining brings his American boyfriend, Patrick, back to China to visit his family. After Sining inadvertently c...
20 min | Sining Xiang | English, Mandarin Chinese | English
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Give It To Me

In an attempt to finally process a traumatic sexual experience, Max hires a sex worker to recreate the scene, ...
9 min | Courtney Hope Therond
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Penny has her share of demons, and she’s about to take on one more. Despite her inability to play, Penny has...
14 min | Rodrigo Moreno-Fernandez
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The Bond

Pregnant and incarcerated, Aria fights for her most precious connection against a system designed to isolate h...
16 min | Jahmil Eady
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A casting director gets hit with some bad news while helping her eccentric neighbor tape a Wheel of Fortune au...
9 min | Honora Talbott
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YEAR: 2022
RUN TIME: 15 Minutes