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Saturday, July 29 through
Saturday, August 5, 2023
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SHORTS: Finding Our Way

Fourth of July • More Than I Remember • My Dear God • North Star • The Sea of Hope • WanderLand

Shorts in Program:

Fourth of July

Dramatic Short by Major Dorfman • USA • 2021 • 12 mins.

A young mother struggles to parent her two rambunctious boys over the course of one hot, summer day.

More Than I Remember

Documentary Short by Amy Bench • USA/Chile • 2022 • 14 mins.

Fourteen-year-old Mugeni awakes to the sounds of bombs. As her family scatters to the surrounding forests to save themselves, Mugeni finds herself completely alone.

My Dear God

Dramatic Short by Tara Sheffer • USA • 2021 • 13 mins.

June Bell unearths the painful truth of her sister’s overdose and finds the closure she didn’t know she needed.

North Star

Dramatic Short by P.J. Palmer • USA • 2022 • 30 mins.

A rural rancher and his ailing husband, struggling against poverty and isolation, are forced to make a heartbreaking decision in order to preserve the dignity of their marriage in the face of mounting pressures from relatives.

The Sea of Hope

Animation Short by Walid salhab • UK/Lebanon • 2022 • 7 mins.

A refugee father and son’s dangerous sea journey to escape their war-torn country.


Dramatic Short by Nicole Pott • UK • 2022 • 15 mins.

A young girl attempts to navigate the seafront on the search for her missing alcoholic mother over the course of one night.



DIRECTOR(S): Various
CAST: Various

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RUN TIME: 92 Minutes