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Saturday, July 29 through
Saturday, August 5, 2023
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SHORTS: Moving Forward

30 Meetings / 30 Days • Hush • She Dreams At Sunrise • Strawberry Shake • The Principal’s Assembly

Shorts in Program:

30 Meetings / 30 Days

Dramatic Short by Duane Andersen • USA • 2022 • 20 mins.

After being court ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, Alicia reluctantly commits to going to thirty meetings in thirty days.


Dramatic Short by Emilie Beck • Norway • 2022 • 25 mins.

In public 12-year-old Martin seems like a normal smiling boy, but at home he faces uncertainty, and at times a harsh reality. With an alcoholic father, and a mother who barely manages to handle the situation, Martin is forced to do what it takes to keep the family together.

She Dreams At Sunrise

Animation Short by Camrus Johnson • USA • 2021 • 11 mins.

An elderly woman escapes her mundane reality through her dreams, while her great-nephew helps reconnect her to what she’s really missing.

Strawberry Shake

Dramatic Short by Dianne Bellino • USA • 2020 • 16 mins.

A troubled young mother tries to win back her two kids with a pet rabbit and pink dessert.

The Principal’s Assembly

Dramatic Short by Jordan Ancel • USA • 2022 • 19 mins.

After the tragic loss of a student, high school principal Jane Marino insists on delivering a sobering speech on the first day of school, however, her emotional stability is called into question.



DIRECTOR(S): Various
CAST: Various

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RUN TIME: 91 Minutes