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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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The Truth About Horses w/ Christy Cashman

Join Christy Cashman, a Boston author and Founder of YouthINK, in conversation with Dave Forbes, a Cape Cod native and CCO of T-Omego Wind at the Woods Hole Film Festival. These two talented forces who share a deep passion for Cape Cod, creativity and horses, will give us a look behind the curtain on their exciting projects including Christy’s debut novel The Truth About Horses – Available August 15th. Guests will also be treated to a special screening of Brigid and the Wolves, a short film produced by YouthINK. www.Christycashman.com

How far would you go to reclaim your family’s dream?

Christy Cashman is a mother, author, and an active member of the Boston literary community.
She is on the board of directors for the Associates of the Boston Public Library and is the
founder of YouthINK, a not-for-profit mentorship program for young artists in the United States
and in Ireland.




RUN TIME: 90 Minutes