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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Trundle and the Lost Borscht of Atlantis

Trundle is a goblin-like creature who sweats a borscht so delicious that it has made the Atlantis Delicatessen world famous. As a result, he’s confined to the basement by the deli’s owner, Mr. Murray. But when Trundle hears that a Regular wants to meet the chef, he hatches a plan to waylay Mr. Murray and achieve his one true dream – working the deli counter and showing his face to his customers.
DIRECTOR(S): Laura Lee

Presented as Part Of SHORTS: Not Your Average Bedtime Story


** Virtual Viewing Only Available in Massachusetts ** A couple of irreverent old ladies meet on a routine day...
13 min | Idan Gilboa |
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Death & Ramen

On his final night alive, a ramen chef befriends the Grim Reaper. Through a bowl of noodles, they discover wha...
14 min | Tiger Ji
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Super Deep Down

Three friends escape to a secluded Kentucky lakehouse for a weekend of debauchery, boats, and bourbon in hopes...
16 min | Lauren Sevigny, Lexi Pappas
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The Fisherman’s Wife

It’s the near future after total environmental collapse. The oceans are dead; pollution clouds the sky. In t...
9 min | Jared Watson
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The Hereafter

Olive, a terminally ill teen, simply wants her ashes spread with her late mother’s. However, Olive’s fathe...
22 min | Ryan Noufer
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YEAR: 2023
RUN TIME: 14 Minutes