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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2024 Feature and Short Films



Abroad by Giovanni Fumu • USA/South Korea

African Giants by Omar S. Kamara • USA

Agua Sala (Salt Water) by Steven Morales Pineda • Colombia

All Happy Families by Haroula Rose • USA

The Compatriots by Spencer Cohen • USA

Crookedfinger by Julia Halperin & Jason Cortlund • USA

Egghead & Twinkie by Sarah Kambe Holland • USA

Hangdog by Matt Cascella • USA

Him by Rebecca Wahls • USA

If That Mockingbird Don’t Sing by Sadie Bones • USA

Katie’s Mom by Tyrrell Shaffner • USA

Lie of the Land by John Carlin • UK/Ireland

Lost Nation by Jay Craven • USA

Okie by Kate Cobb • USA

The Rhapsodist by Nikolai Hamel • Greece

Riley by Benjamin Howard • USA

Slide by Bill Plympton • USA

The Strangers’ Case by Brandt Andersen • Jordan

Three Birthdays by Jane Weinstock • USA

We Strangers by Anu Valia • USA



76 Days by Joe Wein • USA

A Binding Truth by Louise Woehrle • USA

The Blues Society by Augusta Palmer • USA

The Body Politic by Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough • USA

Brief Tender Light by Arthur Musah • USA

Champions of the Golden Valley by Ben Sturgulewski • USA

The Cigarette Surfboard by Ben Judkins • USA

Counted Out by Vicki Abeles • USA

First We Bombed New Mexico by Lois Lipman • USA

Follow the Journey by Liz Witham & Ken Wentworth • USA

Hunt for the Oldest DNA by Niobe Thompson • Canada

Linda Perry: Let It Die Here by Don Hardy • USA

Luther: Never Too Much by Dawn Porter • USA

Maya and the Wave by Stephanie Johnes • USA

The Opener by Jeff Toye • USA

Paint Me a Road Out of Here by Catherine Gund • USA

Porcelain War by Brendan Bellomo & Slava Leontye • Australia/USA/Ukraine

Shaking It Up: The Life and Times of Liz Carpenter by Abby Ginzberg • USA

Sono Lino by Jacob Patrick • USA

Stewart Udall and the Politics of Beauty by John de Graaf • USA

Story & Pictures By by Joanna Rudnick • USA

The Strike by JoeBill Muñoz & Lucas Guilkey • USA

Sugarcane by Julian Brave NoiseCat and Emily Kassie • USA/Canada

Ultimate Citizens by Francine Strickwerda • USA

Water For Life / Agua es Vida by Will Parrinello • USA

The Wonder and the Worry by David Baker • USA



Bienvenidos a Los Angeles by Lisa Cole • USA

Break/Fix by Amanda Pinto • USA

Cetology by Catherine Bisley • New Zealand

The Chain by Tom Hipp • USA

A Day In The Life by James Oates • UK

Dog Days by Carlotta Beck Peccoz • UK

Gorgeous by Morgan Gould • USA

The Heart of Texas by Gregory JM Kasunich • USA

Jane’s in the Freezer by Caleb Joye • USA

Kiss by Katja Roberts • UK

Lichtblick – Glimmer of Hope by Sophia Tamaro • Germany

The Lost Weekend by Charlie Norton • USA

Lunchbox by Anne Hu • USA

My Dear Aunt Sally by Tom Procida • US

Nap by Javier Chavanel • Spain

Neo Dome by Bonnie Discepolo • USA

Sally, Get the Potatoes by Danicah Waldo • USA

Scratch-Off by Tara Sheffer • USA

She, Who Dared by Gabrielle Rosson • USA

Smile by Mike Sills • USA

Sparkle by Kristen Wolf • USA

Spoor by Sunita Soliar & Statten Roeg • UK/Mexico

Stalled In Eight Etudes by Kersti Bryan • USA

Tidy House by Douglas Dezzani • UK

Valley of Souls by Edileuza Penha de Souza & Santiago Dellape • Brazil

Won’t Figure It Out Tonight by Emily Niebuhr • USA

Yaya by Laura Neri • Belgium/Greece



Anyuka by Maya Erdelyi • USA

The Bee by Kim Lowe • USA

Chicho, A Dreamer by Thomas Morgan • USA

Days of Hate by Oliver Shahery • USA

Elephant by Wes Sterrs • USA

A Family Portrait, Queens by Billy Silva • USA

Footprints on Katmai by Max Romey • USA

Forbidden Pond by Eric Jenkins-Sahlin • USA

Forward by Palmer Morse • USA

Gath & K’iyh: Listen to Heal by Princess Daazhraii Johnson • USA

How It Breathes by Jack Gordon • USA

If You Give a Beach a Bottle by Max Romey • USA

Light at the Edge of the Universe: The Black Hole Explorer by • Chyld King, Michael Johnson, Peter Galison • USA

Looking Forward by Steven Ascher • USA

My Father’s Name by Susanna Styron • USA

Out of the Dark: Jaleen Roberts by Sarah Klein, Tom Mason • USA

Radio Dadaab by Environmental Justice Foundation • UK, Kenya

Save the Cat by Jordan Matthew Horowitz • USA

Sincero by Robyn Stoop, Jolaya Gillams, Peter Pan • USA

Spear. Spatula. Submarine. By Shannon Morrall • USA

Until He’s Back by Jacqueline Baylon • USA, Spain, Morocco

What Happened To You by Alec Goldberg • USA



5 A.M. by Matthew Berberi • USA

Barely Breathing by Derek Evans • USA

Big George by Jamie Effros • USA

Crisis by James Benson • USA

Da’s by Chris Aitken • Scotland

The Day Keeper by Mark Kiefer • USA

Deep Tish by Dave Paige • USA

Dérive by Lianne Sonia Walden • USA

Egg Timer by Annie Tippe • USA

Fast Food by Felicia Manning • USA

Golden Child by Hannah Levin • USA

Hello? By Mac Montero • UK

The Innkeeper by Paudie Baggott • Ireland

Losing It by Elise Martin • UK

The Lure by Tony Hipwell • UK

The Natural by Charlie Rowe • UK

Single Malt by Christopher Hawthorne • USA

[subtext] by Erin Brown Thomas • USA



Crystal Galaxy Enforcers by Kirk Howle • USA

Dragon Agent-Wreckers of Boston by Gordon LePage • USA

Hunky Dory by Steven Vander Meer • USA

I Wanna Be A Statue by Harvey Auerbach-Dunn • UK

The Queenʻs Flowers by Ciara Leinaʻala Lacy • USA

The Unseen by Francesco Guarini • UK/Spain