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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Riot grrrl band VULVEETA didn’t break up on the best of terms. In fact, lead singer Grrrilda Beausoleil disappeared 20 years ago, just as they were about to ”go big.” Now, she has to convince the band she’s ready to rock and overcome the band’s demons. They’ll need to figure out how to integrate Gordon, who’s transitioned since the band’s heyday. Meanwhile, their formerly two-year-old drummer, Killer Child, is eager to chart a new course in her 20s. Most importantly, how will the band be able to draw a crowd in the digital age, in a time far removed from the 1990s marketing methods of wheat paste and stickers?

Northern Shade

Justin McLaughlin, a disenchanted Army vet working a menial job and avoiding his past, is forced to emerge from isolation when his younger brother is recruited by an extremist militia. Working with a private investigator named Frankie, Justin will have to decide how much of his past in the Army he’s willing to bring back to the surface to extract his brother from the clutches of the paramilitary conman Billy.

Miles From Nowhere

During an annual cabin retreat, a dying man must confront past mistakes after learning he may not know his friends as well as he may think. MILES FROM NOWHERE examines the shifting nature of relationships, the price of silence and secrets, and the confusion, not clarity, that can overcome a person faced with the reality of their own death.

Midday Black Midnight Blue

Living alone in a house on the edge of Puget Sound, Ian grapples with long-held grief and shame over the loss of Liv, a woman he loved dearly who died nearly two decades ago. As he moves though the world he’s created with visions and fantasies of their life together, he’s pulled further and further away from the present. Liv’s sister Beth, a woman with ghosts of her own, is the first to see how far Ian has slipped away from reality. Their chance run-in begins a spiral which ultimately forces Ian to choose… lose himself completely or turn towards healing.

Maybe Someday

In the midst of separating from her wife, Jay, a non-binary 40-something photographer, attempts to move across the country to start her life over again. Along the way, she takes a detour to stay with her high school best friend who she used to be secretly in love with, and befriends a charismatic gay man who has long given up on love. Struggling to move forward with the next chapter of her life, Jay grapples with the inevitable cycles of love, loss, and letting go.

Homebody w/ The Man of My Dreams

Nothing is quite as special as a child”s relationship with their babysitter, and nine-year-old, gender-queer Johnny is obsessed with theirs – so much so that they”ve meditated their spirit right into her body! Part ”Freaky Friday” and part ”Being John Malkovitch,” HOMEBODY is a charming, crowd-pleasing, cringe comedy for the gender-fluid era.


”We”re in the middle of nowhere with my almost-dead boyfriend in there.” Helena and Kira argue on the side of the road. No destination in mind, no plan to follow. The journey unfolds kilometer by kilometer; a journey that soon becomes a ritual.