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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2018 Awards

Jury Awards 2018

Feature, Narrative

Comedy, Winner

Funny Story by Michael Gallagher

Comedy, Runner Up

Miss Arizona by Autumn McAlpin

Drama, Winner

Driver X by Henry Barrial

Drama, Runner Up

Sadie by Megan Griffiths

Feature, Documentary 

Winner, Dawnland by Adam Mazo and Ben Pender-Cudlip

Runner Up, Black Memorabilia by Chico Colvard

Short, Narrative

Winner, Comedy

Pickle by Grant Moore

Winner, Drama

The Lightkeeper by Zach Bandler

Short, Documentary

Winner, The Driver is Red by Randall Christopher

Runner Up Little Fiel by Irina Patakani

Honorable Mention, Everything Connects by Dylan D’Haeze

Short, Animation

Winner, Proxy by Haidi Marburger

Audience Awards 2018

Best of the Fest

Skid Row Marathon by Mark Hayes

Best Feature, Narrative

Winner, In Reality by Ann Lupo

1st Runner Up: Farmer of the Year by Vince O’Connell and Kathy Swanson

2nd Runner Up: Sadie by Megan Griffiths

Best Feature, Documentary

Winner, Pick of the Litter by Don Hardy and Dana Nachman

1st Runner Up: Manry At Sea: In the Wake of a Dream by Steve Wystrach

2nd Runner Up: Dawnland by Adam Mazo and Ben Pender-Cudlip

Best Short, Drama

Winner, Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times by Marcus Markou

1st Runner Up: Oksijan by Edward Watts

2nd Runner Up: Don’t Be Afraid by Lakshmi Devy

Best Short, Comedy

Winner, Pie by Adria Tennor

1st Runner Up: Rag Dolls by Justin and Kristin Schaak

2nd Runner Up: The Adventures of Penny Patterson by Stephanie Donnelly

Best Short, Documentary

Winner, Felix by Allison Otto

1st Runner Up: Keeper by Marnie Crawford Samuelson and Shane Hofeldt

2nd Runner Up: Hola Kitty!  Daniel Queiroz Burity

Best Short, Animation

Winner, Liberty & Justice: A Cautionary Tale in the Land of the Free by Salley Mavor, Rob Goldsborough and Matthias Bossi

1st Runner Up: Elephant’s Song by Lynn Tomlinson

2nd Runner Up: The Driver Is Red by Randall Christopher

Director’s Choice Awards 2018

Best Cinematography

Feature Film

All the Wild Horses by Ivo Marloh, Cinematography by Ivo Marloh and Michael J. Sanderson

Short Film

The Lightkeeper by Zach Bandler, Cinematography by Jon Keng

Emerging New England Filmmaker (sponsored by Talamas)

Keepers of the Light by Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth

Emerging Filmmaker, Non-New England

The Limit Of by Alan Mulligan

Best Actor, Adult

Farmer of the Year – Barry Corbin

Best Actor, Youth

Bullies – Kaden Hetherington

Best Actress, Adult

In Reality – Ann Lupo

Best Actress, Youth

Chandler – Zephyr Ingle

Sadie – Sophia Mitri Schloss

Fortitude in Filmmaking

Afghan Cycles by Sarah Menzies, Anna Brones, Shannon Galpin, Jenny Nichols

Screenwriting Awards 2018

Comedy Short

First Runner Up:  The Kosher Mutiny (Pilot Episode of Max’s Deli) by Jim Norman

WINNER:  Gasp by Gregory Orr

Dramatic Short

First Runner Up:  The Projectionist by Guy Pooles

WINNER: Leaving Malcolm by Annemarie Bettica

Comedy Feature

First Runner Up: One Night in the Bruised Diamond  by Anthony Longman

WINNER: The Hero of the World  by Staci Greason and Linda Hill

Dramatic Feature

First Runner Up:  Crossing Currents by Jorge Perez

WINNER:  Tres Huevos by Ruben L. Ruiz, Richard Grant and Johnny Ferguson