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2018 Screenplay Awards

Every film starts with a good story told by a screenwriter.

The winners in the 2018 Screenplay Competition are as follows:

Screenwriting Awards 2018

Comedy Short

First Runner Up:  The Kosher Mutiny (Pilot Episode of Max’s Deli) by Jim Norman

WINNER:  Gasp by Gregory Orr

Dramatic Short

First Runner Up:  The Projectionist by Guy Pooles

WINNER: Leaving Malcolm by Annemarie Bettica

Comedy Feature

First Runner Up: One Night in the Bruised Diamond  by Anthony Longman

WINNER: The Hero of the World  by Staci Greason and Linda Hill

Dramatic Feature

First Runner Up:  Crossing Currents by Jorge Perez

WINNER:  Tres Huevos by Ruben L. Ruiz, Richard Grant and Johnny Ferguson