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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2012 Exhibit of THE DAY Project

THE DAY Project features a 24-hour period compressed into 24 minutes from the viewpoint of six filmmakers from around the world.  Part documentary, part curated narrative short, this exhibit unfolds simultaneously on six iPod Touch screens at the press of a button.  The six artists, who met in a workshop by Stefan Kaegi for the Venice Biennale, collaborated in virtual space to create this multi-dimensional snapshot of life at the turn of the Millenium.  The viewer is invited to witness the imponderabilia of everyday life among the contributing filmmakers in this ethnography of contemporary culture.  Artists from five countries created six, 26-minute videos, beginning at midnight on January 1, 2012 and continuing over the following weeks, recording one minute during each hour of the day.  Created by: Davide Bevilacqua (ITALY), Emma Miriam Berentsen (NETHERLANDS), Hortense Gerardo (USA), Francesca Leoni (BRAZIL), Daria Pascal Atolini (ITALY), and Zofia Smolarska (POLAND).
Exhibited at the Old Woods Hole Fire Station during the Woods Hole Film Festival.  Participant Hortense Gerardo will accompany the Project.