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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2012 Music at the Festival

The Woods Hole Film Festival offers a great selection of independent music each year.

This year, the Festival is proud to partner with The Naukabout Music Festival to present live music from the Naukabout Stage.

Opening Night Party – Saturday, July 28th at the Cap’n Kidd Waterfront Dining Room, 11 p.m. – click here to purchase tickets

Sam Reid and the Riot Act

Hailing from Somerville, MA, Sam Reid & the Riot Act is an acoustic-guitar driven rock band with a true bluegrass soul.  Traditional elements including fiery virtuoso fiddle, mandolin, flat picked guitar and three-part vocal harmonies are anchored, modernized and indeed electrified by the addition of electric bass and drums.  As Brian M. Owens, publisher of Metronome Magazine, put it when describing the band’s diversified sound: “Expounding on influences as varied as bluegrass, rock, jazz and pop, Sam Reid & the Riot Act are redefining the boundaries of acoustic music.”  With the recent release of their second full-length record, “A Slow Burn” (2012), the band offers up “a heartfelt mix of bluegrass meets country, with a touch of Caribbean soul.” It is further described as “an agile collection of slow-burning personal reflection and guitar-led explosions, each with an unforgettable melody and equally memorable story.”
Reflecting on the band’s debut release, 2009’s “Dreaming the Life”  was described as “Mountain music for people who love the beach.” -Jeff Wallace, Music Editor at mysecretboston.com.  Immersed in the burgeoning, exciting New England Americana scene, Sam Reid & the Riot Act guarantees a jaw-dropping, foot-stomping show, every time they take the stage!


The 5th Naukabout Music Festival will take place on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds.  Tickets are on sale now at www.naukabout.com.  Catch a preview sample of the great upcoming music at the Nauk at the Woods Hole Film Festival.

Quick Stops take place at Quicks Hole, 6 Luscombe Ave. Woods Hole, from 4 – 5:30 pm

Sara Leketa – Quick Stop, Monday, July 30th

Sara is a singer, songwriter & guitarist with a passion for transposing life experiences into music.

Ross Livermore – Quick Stop, Tuesday, July 31st

A singer songwriter from Boston, MA, Ross’ band cultivates a blend of Motown’s funky, soulful influence with contemporary alternative rock.

Michael Bernier – Quick Stop, Wednesday, August 1st

Lead singer of Michael Bernier & The Uprising, high energy roots rock Americana, Michael is a critically acclaimed singer songwriter. His dynamic vocal expression and enchanting lyrics have lead to his vast success as a solo performer.

Saint Aire Salons hosts a special film & music event:  A screening of Christopher Janney’s film “What Is A Heart” with a live opening set by THE PERSUASIONS – Wednesday, August 1st


  Click here to purchase tickets

THE PERSUASIONS have long been the acknowledged “Kings of A Cappella.” The group first came together on the street corners of Brooklyn, but all hail from different parts of the country. Original lead singer Jerry Lawson was from Florida. North Carolina is the birthplace of “Sweet” Joe Russell. Jimmy Hayes was born in Virginia and Jayotis Washington is from Motown, a Detroit native. All the original Persuasions came from a strong history and deep background in church-based music. Their singing, style and musical inventory has always included the heavy influence of gospel, a major measure soul, and a dose of pop. Their legendarily eclectic repertoire has drawn from everything from Sam Cooke to The Temptations to Kurt Weill to Zappa; from country to blues to gospel to rock to jazz. The Persuasions may not have invented a cappella. They have, however, carried the torch and kept the art form alive, sometimes singlehandedly, for over four decades. During the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, they were the only secular, pop a cappella group to get serious recognition and popularity—certainly the only a pop cappella group to sign with major record labels and to be played on FM radio along with the Rolling Stones and Beatles.

Festival Party at the Nimrod Restaurant, 100 Dillingham Ave. Falmouth, 10 p.m., MUSIC FROM THE NAUKABOUT STAGE

Derek Teichert – The Nimrod, Friday, August 3rd

With an eclectic mix of influences, Derek’s original lyrics often depict a battle between the struggles and promises of life.  He has an easy going style, a raw deep voice, and a passion for performing live.

Closing Night Party at the Landfall Restaurant, Luscombe Ave. Woods Hole, 11 p.m.

The Jason Spooner Trio – The Landfall, Saturday, August 4th

click here to purchase tickets

The ingredients behind northern New England’s Jason Spooner Trio read like a bizarre musical science experiment. Start with a prolific, singer/songwriter (Jason Spooner) with heavy roots, folk & blues influences. Then mix in a classicly-trained bassist (Adam Frederick) with foundations in jazz and a knack for serious pocket grooves. Lastly, shake things up with a rock-solid drummer (Reed Chambers) with deep-seeded roots in funk, soul & reggae and you’ve begun to scratch the surface of this unique, energetic band.