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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2014 Screenwriting Competition Finalists


2014 Woods Hole Film Festival Screenplay Work-In-Progress Competition


ACROSS THE POND by Andrea Harding, Massachusetts

Genre: Drama, Family


AKA THE LATIN HAMMER by Larry Thomas, California

Genre: Drama, Thriller


AURORA by Amber Karlins, Florida

Genre: Drama, Women’s


BASTARD – THE WEDDING DRESS by Tony Schweikle, Florida

Genre: Drama, Historical, Western, Thriller


DETOURS by Mara Lesemann, New Jersey

Genre: Drama, Family


EVEN STEVIE by Eafat Newton, Massachusetts

Genre: Drama, Family


GAP YEAR by Julia Bucci, Massachusetts

Genre: Drama, Coming of Age


GHOST TRAPS by Robert Abel, Massachusetts

Genre: Drama, Crime


GRACE by Lynda Lemberg, Ontario, Canada

Genre: Drama, Women, Coming of Age


HOOLIGAN by Tony Cammarata, California

Genre: Drama


LOST TREASURE OF THE MAYANS by Julius Galacki, California

Genre: Comedy, Romance


LORD WAR by Jamie McMillan, Indiana

Genre: Drama, War, Spiritual


MICROCINEMA by Skip Shea, Massachusetts

Genre: Horror, Thriller


MIMMO FORTUNATI by Tony Cammarata, California

Genre: Drama, Family


MURMANSK RUN by Wendy Joseph, Washington

Genre: Drama, Historic, Period


NIGHT WITCHES by Steven Prowse, England

Genre: Drama, Action, Women


OBIE by Thierry Vilar, France

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


OVER THE MONSTER by Doug Folsom, California

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Magical Realism


RUB MISSION by Curtis King, Massachusetts

Genre: Drama, Black, Urban


SIX DAYS IN SIOUX FALLS by Steven Wingate, South Dakota

Genre: Drama, Romance


STAN’S KILLING HIMSELF by Billy Kirland, California

Genre: Comedy


SCOTCH VERDICT by Suzanne Stroh, Virginia

Genre: Drama, Magical Realism


STEAMPUNK WONDER by Tony Cammarata, California

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


TENTH JUSTICE by William Pendley, Colorado

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller


Short Screenplay Finalists

2014 Woods Hole Film Festival Screenplay Work-In-Progress Competition


AT YOUR DISPOSAL by Aaron Wileman, France

Genre: Drama, Social Issue


BABY WARS by Jeffrey Thomas, New Jersey

Genre: Comedy


BUFFALO GAP by Clay Randel, Georgia

Genre: Drama, Western


FRAGMENT by Angel Nunez, Massachusetts

Genre: Dramedy


LAST RIDE OF THE CARVER by Eric Borden, Nevada

Genre: Horror


MAGGOT IN THE RICE by Christopher Setten, New Jersey

Genre: Drama, Crime Thriller


ROSCOE by Emily Dell, California

Genre: Romantic Comedy