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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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The Filmmaker Experience

In Their Own Words

The Filmmaker Experience at the Woods Hole Film Festival

“Woods Hole is an excellent example of what a film festival should be. The experience was warm and promoted connections with other film makers that I had not had in other festivals. The films were of consistent quality, the staff and volunteers were about as friendly as one could be and the network of support will be lasting. I hope the Woods Hole Film Festival continues to get the same level of support it has for years, a level of support it has earned and greatly deserves.”

Harry Kakatsakis, Admissions

“Woods Hole is a fantastic festival!  They really appreciate filmmakers and provided opportunities to network, both with other filmmakers and with festival-goers.  And the programming was terrific.  All the films I saw were really great.  As a filmmaker, you want to know that your work is being shown with other quality films and Woods Hole provides that.  One of the hardest things to do is get an audience for your film and Woods Hole obviously has a lot of community support, so the films were well-attended.  I had a great time and highly recommend the festival to filmmakers and festival-goers alike!”

Kim Cummings, In Montauk

“My feature film “Surviving Family” premiered at the Woods Hole Film Festival, and I can’t imagine a better place to introduce it to the public.  Not only was the entire staff warm and welcoming, the town was tremendously supportive of the festival, and filled our auditorium with a crowd that was both knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  I look forward to having the opportunity to bring another movie to Woods Hole!”

Mara Lesseman, Surviving Family

“Beyond the excellent quality of the films and the idyllic locale, the best thing about the Woods Hole Film Festival is the people.  The staff and volunteers are so welcoming, and the community really supports and appreciates the films being presented.  This made for a great experience and one that I would recommend to anyone.  WHFF is truly a filmmakers’ festival and I hope to be back again soon with my next project!”

J. Richey Nash, Hitting the Cycle

“Just a quick note to say what a wonderful time we had at the 21st annual Woods Hole Film Festival!  Truly – who could ask for more – the highest caliber of filmmakers (Sundance winners!  Emmy winners!) set against the spectacular oceanside backdrop of Woods Hole.  I already miss watching the bridge go up and down; seeing the locals wheel their luggage through the Landfall; talking shop over coffee at Pie in the Sky.  And of course, we could not be more appreciative of the top-rate audiences that Woods Hole attracts – rain or shine!  I will never forget the veritable parade streaming into our “AshBash” screening – despite the monsoon weather conditions that night!  We so enjoyed our Q&A – interacting with such an incredibly thoughtful audience was a true highlight for us.  It really did feel like such a gift – a week-long summer camp for artists!

An enormous heartfelt thank you to the festival, your sponsors, and volunteers – whose incredible generosity made it all possible!”

Heidi Sullivan, AshBash: a love story

“I had one major regret about being at the Woods Hole Film Festival….I didn’t stay long enough.  The charm of the town, the professionalism of the staff and the enthusiasm of the patrons made it a magical place for this filmmaker and I will be coming back to WHFF as soon and as often as I can….A wonderful event, a wonderful place. “

Jesse Wolfe, Eye Of The Hurricane