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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Short Films 2016

Short Narrative, Documentary, Animation and Experimental Films 2016

(Click here for film descriptions and online schedule)

A Drag Queen for Kids by ByronKarabotsos
A Mighty Nice Man by Daniella Kahane
A Way Out by Jason Tostevin
All the World’s a Stage by Hannes Rall
All The(se) Voices by David Henry Gerson
Another Love by Victor Perez
Avaritia by Walid Salhab
Being Tight by Lea Jones
Black Canaries by Jesse Kreitzer
Blast Beat by Ana Souza
Blue Borsalino by Mark Lobatto
Bottle, Treasure, Tree by Caleb Scott
Breaker Breaker by Mike Makowsky
Breathe by Paul Kowalski
Brix and the Bitch by Nico Raineau
C.T.R.L. by Mariana Conde
Cage by Pengpeng Du
Childhood Tears by Emilie and Sarah Barbault
Chrysallis by Keaton McGruder
Concurrence by Tom Cassesse
Counting the Waves by Shayok Mukhopadhyay
Crest of the Hill by Samantha Broun
Dancers by Louise Leitch
Danny Boy by Christian Vogeler
Dead Sharks by Nic Barker
Deafblind Couple by Esteban Pedraza
Eleven by Ken Fox
Everything Will be Fine by Jan Kutrzeba
Fisher of the Tarn by Pascal Gaubert
Foos Your Daddy by Luke Patton

For Her by by Robert Cammisa
Fulfilament by Rhiannon Evans
Grief Sleeps by Timothy Marc Hopper
Hansel + Gretel by Soyeon Kim
Hari by Tushar Tyagi

Hugo by Theo Paylou

Hum by Tom Teller

In the Waves by Ying-Fang Shen

In Memory by Barbara Nicolosi
Jada by Doug Roland

Law of Averages by Elizabeth Rose
Longhand by JohnMarcucci

Mandala by Xi Guan

Mannetjes by Mira Chendler
Mine by Nick Dixon
Monster by Jonathan Leveck
NFSW by Cosmo Wallace

Noir by Soyeon Kim
Ocean Stories: Greg Stone by Greg Goggin
One if By Land by Nandini Sikand
Out of the Village by Jonathan Stein
Party Line by Alan Magee
Plein Soleil by Fred Castadot
Porgies or Bass by Thomas A. Barnes
Property by Allison Otto
Ribbons by Brandon Cordeiro

Riding the Highline by Kai Carlson-Wee
Romantic Rouse by Andrew Chiu
Sand Castle by Rob Feld and Tina Fine
Save Tomorrow by Lynne Cherry
Second Words by Jake Hull
Simon Camille by de Gallbert

Sustaining Sea Scallops by Elise Hugus and Daniel Cojanu
Soy Cubana by Robin Miller Ungar
Squeeze by Jaime Kirkpatrick
Stacia by Denise Woods
Tattoo You by Lisa Kenner Grissom
Test Drive by Jim Ford

The Bee Keeper by Briana Gallo
The Bench by Cameron Burnett
The Cannoli by Stephanie Donnelly
The Champion by Patrick McGowan
The Dynamic Double Standard by Luke Patton
The Green Bench by Diane Sherlock

The Last Bay Scallop? by John Stanton
The Memories Station by Derek Frank
The Raft by Robert Jones
The Return by Matthew Szewczyk
The Unforgiven by Arnon Manor

The Unrelenting Charlie Davis by Bryan Reisberg
The Usual Silence by Louis Hunter
The Valley Below by Matthias Huber
The Visit by Vishwas
Things Unsaid by James Rathbone
This is Goodbye by Marjorie Cohen
Total Awesome Viking Power by Morten Forland
Trail of Hope by Mohamed Echkouna
Tre Tosser by Gemma Rubio

Window Dressing by Stephen Girouard