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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Over a weekend visit in Los Angeles, two first-generation Sierra Leonean American brothers navigate the changing dynamics of brotherhood after a surprise announcement.
In the remote mountain villages in Afghanistan, a newfound passion for skiing attracts young athletes from rival ethnic groups who showcase their resourcefulness and skill on the slopes. Equipped with minimal gear, makeshift skis, and no chairlift, a determined ski coach organizes a ski race like no other, uniting the community in a moment of joy and camaraderie. However, when their country falls to the Taliban, many of the skiers are displaced across the globe as refugees, confronted with an uncertain future.
Through a mosaic of personal stories, Counted Out shows what’s at risk if we keep the status quo. Do we want an America in which most of us don’t consider ourselves “math people”? Where math proficiency goes down as students grow up? Or do we want a country where anyone can understand the math that undergirds our society—and can help shape it. The film is dedicated to Bob Moses, the civil rights leader and MacArthur genius who saw math access as the civil rights issue of our time, and whose work we follow in some of the last filmed interviews of his life.
Anxiety-ridden Walt embarks on a comic odyssey through Portland, Maine to retrieve his stolen dog before his girlfriend, Wendy, returns from her business trip, or risk losing them both. Along the way, his encounters with eccentric locals Marianne and Brent force him to confront his insecurities and embrace human (and canine!) connection.
For decades, scientists have tried to unlock the secrets of ancient DNA. But life’s genetic blueprint is incredibly fragile, and researchers have struggled to find DNA in fossils that could survive millions of years. Then, one maverick scientist had the controversial idea to look for DNA not in fossils or frozen ancient tissue – but in dirt. Join the hunt as scientists decipher the oldest DNA ever found and reveal for the first time the genes of long-extinct creatures that once thrived in a warm, lush Arctic.
A recent divorcee's holiday celebration with her adult children derails when she falls for her daughter''s charming new boyfriend.
Featuring artists Faith Ringgold and Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter, PAINT ME A ROAD OUT OF HERE uncovers the whitewashed history of Faith's masterpiece ''For the Women''s House'' and follows its 50-year journey from Rikers Island to the Brooklyn Museum in a heartbreaking, funny & true parable for a world without mass incarceration.
The Natural, Lunchbox, Looking Forward, KISS, Hello?, Da's, Deep Tish, Days of Hate
Valley of Souls, The Lure, The Chain, Spoor, Neo Dome, Nap, Cetology, I Wanna Be A Statue
Stewart Udall, America's most famous Secretary of Interior, was also a fighter for racial justice, peace, the arts, and environmental protections.
In the segregated Memphis of the 1960s, blues masters and beatniks created a music festival that rocked the foundations of a conservative world. The Blues Society weaves together hypnotic and unforgettable performances with animation, archival images, and a chorus of diverse voices to create a moving image mixtape that both celebrates the music and re-evaluates the era.
In the internet era, the dream of the struggling artist is to go viral. That’s what happened to Philip Labes, a singer-songwriter who found a following on TikTok after posting his clever, heartfelt songs during the pandemic. When his music reached the ears of one of his heroes, Grammy-winner Jason Mraz, he was invited on his very first tour and a chance to play live in front of thousands - a chance he hopes will lead to a real career in music where he isn’t relying on the whims of an algorithm.
Amidst the redwood trees on the California-Oregon border sits one of the most infamous prisons in US history. Pelican Bay is a labyrinthine construction of solid cement blocks – a supermax prison designed specifically for mass-scale solitary confinement. For decades, it held men alone in tiny cells indefinitely. Then one day in 2013, 30,000 prisoners, against all odds, launched the largest hunger strike in U.S. history.