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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2024 Short Films

Keyword / Film Title
Two people on a first date mask and ignore their insecurities until an event forces them to say what they''re really thinking.
One night, Barry, a lonely, non-speaking coroner discovers a pair of magic glasses.
After one of his best friends makes a life changing announcement, Pat''s normality is turned upside down.
A single mother struggles with loss and hardship, but through the resilience of her three young sons, she finds hope and joy once again.
A granddaughter takes a deep dive into the remarkable life of her indomitable grandmother—a writer, WWII refugee and Holocaust survivor.
Sai is guilted into moving in with his father and step mother after nearly dying in an embarrassing autoerotic asphyxiation accident.
A Nigerian single mother living in Los Angeles offers to help a perfect stranger reunite with her son. In doing so, she learns this simple act of kindness threatens to jeopardize her path to citizenship.
When a middle-aged actor gains too much pandemic weight to pull off his survival gig as a George Clooney impersonator, he finds himself trying to justify to his nine-year-old daughter— and to himself— why he’s still chasing his dream.
While under the influence of anesthesia during plastic surgery, Lily meets a grandmother she never knew who helps her think differently about her heritage.
Marine biologists recently documented how pods of orca hunt blue whales, the largest creature on earth.
What would life be like if every two years you faced the reality of losing everything?
When Chip receives his DNA test results in the mail, he discovers he is related to a family of billionaires and travels to ask them for $20.
Flying through space in a crystal ship, Modnar encounters an annoying nemesis.
A coming of age story about two men in a world of toxic masculinity.
A broken-hearted filmmaker finds meaning as he documents punk band Show Me The Body recording their latest album.
A.J.''s massage could have been better.
Guided by posthumous instructions, a reclusive book publisher embarks on a Surrealist odyssey across New York City.
Emilio learned to read from recipe books and to cook from his mother. And his restaurant on Houston Street in Manhattan is a secret - but it's not a secret. You know what I'm talking about?
Adele is a young girl who struggles with confidence in her body. When she''s challenged by a group of kids during an afternoon at the swimming pool, Adele is forced to confront her insecurities and decide whether she will fit in or not.
Two brothers from Boston try using Ai to replace their agent.
The question ''When are we gonna have kids?'' ignites a panoply of surreal fears and fantasies as a mid-thirties married couple hunt for the answer while on a walk in Prospect Park.
An island off the coast of Maine receives a new arrival, and on a day like any other, the tightly-wound circle of life unfurls.
When a teenage girl in love expects a fun night with her boyfriend, she winds up on an emotional roller coaster that only friendship can save.
Following his Grandmother''s footsteps to one of the most remote and bear-strewn beaches in Alaska, painter Max Romey discovers that an ocean of problems is closer to home than he could have imagined.
Deb Kapell pursues her curiosity of life and death at all sizes while making stunning images of microbiology.
While navigating a myriad of life challenges, Anjelica turned to the outdoors to improve her mental health only to discover a noticeable lack of other plus-size women of color on trail. By posting a simple flyer looking for more women to hike with, Anjelica created a community she never could have imagined.
In Alaska, community comes together to create music with Yo-Yo Ma as a critical part of collective healing and radical hope for the future.
A young woman is reunited with her childhood friend at a pool party and reckons with the fact that he used to pee on her when they were kids.
Beth is getting married in 36 hours and her mother hasn’t seen her dress. If this sounds low stakes, you aren’t a fat woman with a mother.
During her lunch break, a London businesswoman calls her boyfriend for phone sex. It doesn''t quite go to plan.
A musician reflects on his role in preserving and sharing a unique musical identity in Washington D.C.
When we are in harmony with the beauty of nature, and the moon is as round as a banjo, that’s when you know everything is hunky dory.
A young child tries to convince her local community she wants to become a statue, bringing her on a surreal voyage.
Inspired by a picture book, Max Romey heads to a remote beach on Alaska''s coastline in search of marine debris. What he finds is a different story altogether.
A later middle-aged woman searches for connection in a world that pays her no attention.
Haunted by her past kisses, Annie must confront the one kiss she refuses to acknowledge.
Under the eyes of a moody cashier, a group of women in a supermarket queue have to deal with a crying baby.
Around the horizon of a black hole, an edge of the universe, light is captured, spun into orbit by the black hole’s powerful gravitational pull.
A short essay that considers how our feelings about the future affect how our lives unfold, and explores conflicted emotions through the expressionistic prism of AI imagery.
A thirty-year-old woman comes up with the perfect plan to lose her virginity on a one-night stand.
When a Taiwanese American woman prepares lunches from her childhood, she struggles to forgive herself for pushing away her immigrant mother.
After a grade-schooler with crippling anxiety reluctantly spends time with his free spirited Aunt Sally he learns the powerful lessons of taking risks, making mistakes and dealing with adversity.
The intimate story of one woman''s attempt to uncover the truth about her father''s participation in a lynching, find a way to hold her family accountable, and face the dawning awareness of her own unconscious racism.
Four people are about to take part in a dangerous experiment. The rules are simple: if you want to live, you have to go to sleep.
A woman hitchhikes to a utopia on the horizon. After she negotiates a ride she learns: trust no one on the road to the Dome.
Paralympic sprinter and long-jumper Jaleen Roberts was at her peak when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, postponing the 2020 Paralympic Games. What followed was a mental health crisis more challenging than anything she''d ever encountered.
A stateless journalist born and raised in Dadaab, the world’s second largest refugee camp, becomes a voice for the voiceless through the camp’s radio station, amplifying stories of climate, migration, and hope.
A little girl takes an unexpected ride in her wealthy family''s rolling laundry cart - and learns their secrets.
A group of strangers from around the world band together to help reunite a Ukrainian refugee with her beloved cat, Arsenii.
A home healthcare worker steals her dementia patient’s winning scratch-off lottery ticket.
Lois Weber, a pioneer of cinema, is a successful Hollywood filmmaker whose new film ''What Do Men Want?'' threatens to expose her true feelings about her relationship, and men in general.
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles, Yaya, The Innkeeper, Save the Cat, Lichtblick - Glimmer of Hope, My Father's Name
The Natural, Lunchbox, Looking Forward, KISS, Hello?, Da's, Deep Tish, Days of Hate
Dérive, Scratch-Off, Until He's Back, The Heart of Texas
The Queenʻs Flowers, Out of the Dark: Jaleen Roberts, Jane's in the Freezer, Chicho, A Dreamer, Barely Breathing, A Day In The Life
Single Malt, Losing It, Golden Child, [subtext], 5 A.M., Egg Timer, Crisis, Dragon Agent-Wreckers of Boston
Anyuka, Big George, What Happened To You, Stalled In Eight Etudes, Forward
Valley of Souls, The Lure, The Chain, Spoor, Neo Dome, Nap, Cetology, I Wanna Be A Statue
Elephant, The Unseen, The Bee, Spear. Spatula. Submarine., Gath & K'iyh: Listen to Heal, Forbidden Pond, Footprints on Katmai, Light at the Edge of the Universe: The Black Hole Explorer
A Family Portrait, Queens, Break/Fix, Dog Days, My Dear Aunt Sally, Sally, Get the Potatoes, Sparkle, Tidy House
The Lost Weekend, The Day Keeper, Smile, Gorgeous, She, Who Dared
After his incarceration, Sincero returns to his graffiti writer roots, becoming an established portrait muralist while using his art to commemorate his home-town of Santa Ana.
Over the course of one night, a new father goes through a drunken crisis of masculinity
A regular at an early morning coffee shop begins to get a little too friendly with the young woman working there.
A non-binary child struggles to find the perfect Father''s Day gift for their disapproving dad.
With an avaricious appetite, no native predators, and rapid reproduction rates, the invasive lionfish is one of the planet''s greatest eco-disasters.
A freakish, throbbing growth torments Ash while she is stuck caring for her vitriolic, dementia-ridden mother.
Eight lives intersect in a municipal courthouse bathroom and find a surprising humanity.
Boston beekeeper Bill Perkins shares his knowledge and love of bees with his community, which sometimes means riding through a busy city with 10,000 bees on the back of your bike.
A family''s life is thrown into chaos when the father doesn''t return home one night.
The last of a dying breed, daytime lighthouse keeper Cliff must justify his seemingly unnecessary job while struggling to keep his own inner light shining.
An aspiring country singer on her way to a life changing audition collides with an undocumented worker who refuses medical care. The two engage in a struggle, each in pursuit of their own American dreams.
When a spirited eight-year-old lands the part of Innkeeper in the school nativity play, she battles her perfectionist teacher who insists that she ''stick to the script.''
In the Summer of 2004, James, a teenage boy grappling with his masculinity, embarks on a weekend trip to Cape Cod. As he confronts toxic expectations about what it means to be a man, James must make a life-changing decision that will shape his future.
Late at night, a lone fisherman discovers he is not the only one hoping to hook something.
After a young actor''s second terrible audition for a masterclass hosted by his theatrical hero, he follows her to a cafe in search of advice.
A Native Hawaiian girl in 1915 Honolulu makes a special gift for the last monarch of Hawai`i.
As Timo prepares his nest ready for mating season, his call is answered... But the source of the reply is not what he had hoped.
On a camping trip in Wales, an eight year old girl witnesses the emotional breakdown of her father, and becomes his emotional support system.
After learning that his son, Yahya, has died at sea trying to get to Spain, Ahmed Tchiche must find a way to get his son’s remains back home to Morocco so he and his family can have a proper goodbye.
A black family tries to defend their land against invaders but gets caught between a mischievous witch and a tortured spirit eager for revenge.
Two childhood friends, both now stand-up comics, explore their past trauma together.
A musician's journey journey through the Alaskan wilderness turns the lonely and sometimes dark moments of life into flashpoints for growth and creation.
Vania has a simple plan for the afternoon: just end her life. But she wasn''t expecting her grandma to show up unannounced.