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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Jimmie and De were classmates in 1965. Jimmie transferred his senior year from an all-Black high school to an affluent white high school in Charlotte - he was their first Black football star. Decades later, a shocking discovery reconnects the men and changes both their lives. Their story rooted in the South is also America''s story - one of slavery's legacy and our current racial divide. It’s a story of healing and shows a way forward as Jimmie and De explore their binding truth.
After the sudden deaths of her parents, Maria returns to her childhood home on Cape Cod. When her estranged brother Nico shows up to help sort out the estate, tensions soon rise about how to best sell the decrepit house.
In July 1945, the US military detonated the world’s first nuclear bomb in White Sands, New Mexico, covering the soil and water with irradiated fallout and contaminating the land. The facts and consequences on the people have been concealed for decades, but inspirational Hispanic cancer survivor Tina Cordova has catalyzed a movement seeking justice and healthcare for the poisoned people of New Mexico still ignored by their government.
Disciplined high school athlete Dakota Riley lives his life within carefully-designed boundaries, a calculated blueprint upon which he’s formed the basis of his identity. But when the reality of his identity is thrown into disarray, Dakota is forced to confront the consequences of denying himself, or come to terms with who he really is.
Dérive, Scratch-Off, Until He's Back, The Heart of Texas
Anyuka, Big George, What Happened To You, Stalled In Eight Etudes, Forward
The Lost Weekend, The Day Keeper, Smile, Gorgeous, She, Who Dared
A mythical cowboy appears in the corrupt logging town of Sourdough Creek, and with the aid of his slide guitar and a giant Hellbug, battles the evil mayor and his equally selfish twin brother to try to clean up the town .
Over the course of a night, a storyteller captures bar patrons with his tale of mysterious magic and petty crime. As new customers enter the bar and new events unfold in the story, we dive into the listener’s imaginations to reveal a unique version of the oddball characters the rhapsodist has created.
Jamshid is an Iranian who came to study in 1970’s America, but due to the Revolution, never went “home.” As a guidance counselor in Seattle, his best work takes place on the playing field with “his kids,” the children of refugees and immigrants. Mr. Jamshid is the charismatic, fiery, funny human with a Frisbee in hand, who shows that love wins on the field, off the field, at home with family, or boldly forging a new community, in a new country - one kid, chicken, ultra-endurance race, and friend at a time.