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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2024 Films and Events

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After 20 years, Jacobo reconnects with José Luis, the priest who scarred his childhood. His heart now harbors conflicting feelings of resentment, lust and affection.
The Landrys gather for the weekend to fix up their family home in Chicago. But what starts out as a benign family get-together ends up spiraling out of control as some bombshell news threatens to tear everything apart.
After awkwardly coming out to her conservative parents, Asian-American teen, Twinkie, convinces her BFF Egghead to come along on a cross-country road trip to meet her online crush at a big lesbian dance party in Texas. Unfortunately, Egghead has no idea what he’s being roped into, and he just confessed his long-hidden feelings for Twinkie with disastrous results.
Sequestered in a remote desert villa, the final five contestants on a reality dating show unite to confront their deceitful suitor and the producers who manipulated them into falling in love.
The Wards are about to lose everything due to crippling debt, when a mysterious stranger arrives, promising a new life - for the right fee. But last-minute doubts see the pair fighting for everything they were about to abandon.
Elephant, The Unseen, The Bee, Spear. Spatula. Submarine., Gath & K'iyh: Listen to Heal, Forbidden Pond, Footprints on Katmai, Light at the Edge of the Universe: The Black Hole Explorer