Woods Hole - Cape Cod
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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Films & Events


When Tommy loses his family to a police raid, he escapes custody with his friends, Steve and O’Neill. Their urban odyssey is packed with…

2020 Chaos and Hope

7000 Miles

A Decent Home

When housing on the lowest rung of the American dream is being devoured by the wealthiest of the wealthy, whose dream are we serving?…

A Kind of Kidnapping

A Stage of Twilight

When Barry (William Sadler) is confronted with a terminal diagnosis, he is compelled to make a decision that his wife Cora (Karen Allen) cannot…

A Woman on the Outside

Kristal Bush grew up in Philadelphia watching nearly every man in her life disappear to prison. She channeled that struggle into keeping families connected…

After Antarctica

A journey across both poles, After Antarctica follows legendary polar explorer Will Steger’s lifelong journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes to the…

All Men Are Wicked

Ariel – Back to Buenos Aires

Art and Pep