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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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2022 Schedule Page

The 2022 Woods Hole Film Festival will consist of 55 film programs plus more events; most titles will also screen online.

Films are screening in theaters and online (July 30th  – August 6th) Tickets can be purchased on each film’s event page.

Mon July 25th   
 10:00amMorning Filmmaker ChatFacebook
Tue, July 26   
 10:00amMorning Filmmaker ChatFacebook
Wed, July 27   
 10:00amMorning Filmmaker ChatFacebook
Thur, July 28   
 10:00amMorning Filmmaker ChatFacebook
 7:30pmBonnie Blue: James Cotton’s Life in the BluesRedfield
Fri, July 29   
 10:00amMorning Filmmaker ChatFacebook
Sat, July 30   
 2:00pmThe Butterfly in the SkyRedfield
 4:00pmThe Lake at the Bottom of the WorldRedfield
 5:30pmSHORTS: Be The ChangeFA-Morse Hall
 6:15pmThe Big BendRedfield
 8:00pmSHORTS: ConversationsFA-Morse Hall
 8:30pmFire of LoveRedfield
 10:00pmOpening Night Party | Music by BongogenesisCaptain Kidd
Sun, July 31   
 2:00pmThe Yin & Yang of Gerry LopezRedfield
 3:00pmSHORTS: Art In Many FormsClapp Auditorium
 4:00pmFree Renty: Lanier v. HarvardRedfield
 5:15pmScrumClapp Auditorium
 5:15pmDear ZoeFA-Simon Center
 7:00pmAfter AntarcticaRedfield
 7:30pmThe Long RiderClapp Auditorium
 7:30pmWake Up, LeonardFA-Simon Center
Mon, August 1   
 2:00pmPANEL: From Pole to Pole – Documenting Climate Change in Extreme LocationsRedfield
 4:00pmSHORTS: Thicker Than WaterRedfield
 5:00pmSHORTS: Modern ProblemsClapp Auditorium
 5:30pmMiles From NowhereFA-Morse Hall
 7:30pmFashion ReimaginedClapp Auditorium
 8:00pmHékateFA-Morse Hall
 8:30pmThe Mirror GameRedfield
Tue, August 2   
 2:30pmMASTER CLASS: Tasha Van ZandtCommunity Hall
 4:00pmThe TerritoryRedfield
 5:00pmThe House We Lived InClapp Auditorium
 5:00pmOn These GroundsFA-Simon Center
 6:15pmRoute One NorthRedfield
 7:30pmFrom the Hood to the HollerClapp Auditorium
 7:30pmThe Chisels Are CallingFA-Simon Center
 8:30pmSHORTS: It’s Getting Dark In HereRedfield
Wed, August 3   
 4:00pmSHORTS: Moving ForwardRedfield
 5:00pmA Decent HomeClapp Auditorium
 5:30pmMAUCotuit Center
 5:30pmMaybe SomedayFA-Morse Hall
 6:15pmGirl TalkRedfield
 7:30pmOf Medicine and MiraclesClapp Auditorium
 7:45pmSweet DisasterCotuit Center
 8:00pmVulveetaFA-Morse Hall
 8:30pmCome Find MeRedfield
 10:00pmParty | Music by Kim MobergCaptain Kidd
Thur, August 4   
 2:00pmWORKSHOP: Beyond Stereo – Exploring Immersive MixingCommunity Hall
 4:00pmSHORTS: The NeighborhoodRedfield
 5:30pmHomebodyFA-Morse Hall
 6:15pmThe Thief CollectorRedfield
 7:45pmNorthern ShadeFA-Morse Hall
Fri, August 5   
 4:00pmFair PlayRedfield
 5:30pmMidday Black Midnight BlueFA-Morse Hall
 6:15pmA Woman on the OutsideRedfield
 7:45pmSHORTS: Decisions DecisionsFA-Morse Hall
 8:30pmThe FalconerRedfield
 10:00pmParty | Music by Anna and the ModernsCaptain Kidd
Sat, August 6   
 3:00pmSHORTS: Finding Our WayRedfield
 5:15pmZero GravityRedfield
 5:30pmDo I Need This?FA-Simon Center
 6:00pmMaster of LightClapp Auditorium
 7:30pmA Stage of TwilightRedfield
 8:00pmRangerClapp Auditorium
 10:00pmClosing Night Party & AwardsCaptain Kidd