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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Zero Gravity – Aug 6 – 05:15PM – Redfield Auditorium

Zero Gravity w/ Shattering Stars

While it’s true today’s 11-year-olds will one day run the world, middle-schoolers in San Jose, CA are taking their summer break to get a head start. Immersed in their own space race, a diverse group of ambitious students enter the Zero Robotics ISS (International Space Station) Competition.
Their mission: compete with teams across the country to write the most strategic code for surveying satellites, which will help map out a GPS system to successfully orbit Mars in the future, opening the door to infinite opportunities and exploration on the Red Planet.

SHORTS: Finding Our Way – Aug 6 – 03:00PM – Redfield Auditorium

Ranger – Aug 6 – 08:00PM – Clapp (formerly Lillie) Auditorium


Set within Kenya’s Maasai homeland, an intimate and contemporary story of self-discovery unfolds, as 12 women become East Africa’s first all-female anti-poaching unit. Upending the male-dominated, reliance upon military-style training to make a wildlife ranger, Virginia, Liz, Momina and Damaris instead undergo a year-long program of deep trauma-release and healing, triggering profound transformation within themselves and sending shockwaves through their communities.

Omoiyari – A Song Film by Kishi Bashi – Aug 6 – 07:15PM – Falmouth Academy – Simon Center

Master of Light – Aug 6 – 06:00PM – Clapp (formerly Lillie) Auditorium

Master of Light

George Anthony Morton is a classical painter who spent ten years in federal prison for dealing drugs. While incarcerated, he nurtured his craft and unique artistic ability. Since his release, he is doing everything he can to defy society”s unlevel playing field and tackle the white-dominant art world.

Do I Need This? – Aug 6 – 05:30PM – Falmouth Academy – Morse Hall

A Stage of Twilight – Aug 6 – 07:30PM – Redfield Auditorium

A Stage of Twilight

When Barry (William Sadler) is confronted with a terminal diagnosis, he is compelled to make a decision that his wife Cora (Karen Allen) cannot support. This end-of-life struggle is heightened further when Joey, a neighbor boy who acts as a surrogate son to the childless couple, reaches a critical crossroads for his own future. Both paths ask the question: whose right is it to make life’s inevitable impossible decisions when the impact will be felt by the people we love most?