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Saturday, July 27 through
Saturday, August 3, 2024
Get off Facebook Forget Instagram. Go outside. You're wasting you're life on Twitter Youtube isn't real life.

SHORTS: The Spirit of Massachusetts

SHORTS: The Kids Are Alright

SHORTS: The Blue Between Us

coskata-coatue: A Refuge on the Edge”, Malignasquelluki (To Live in Harmony)”, Restoring An Icon: Tom Townsend and “Cirrus”, The Arctic Halocline, The Egret River, The Storm Chaser, Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire

SHORTS: Not Your Average Bedtime Story

Deadline, Death & Ramen, Super Deep Down, The Fisherman’s Wife, The Hereafter , Trundle and the Lost Borscht of Atlantis

Winter Shorts

Think it’s too cold for shorts? NONSENSE! We’re bringing back WINTER SHORTS. Here are eight inspirational, funny – and maybe a little quirky – award-winning and audience favorite short films that are sure to keep you feeling warm and happy on a cold, January evening.

SHORTS: Thicker Than Water

Baseball With Dad, Black Maria, Daughter of the Sea, Mandarins, Wok Hei

SHORTS: The Neighborhood

Lalito 10 • Powers • The Devil Will Run • The Originals • Where Land Ends

SHORTS: Moving Forward

Dustlight, Hold Me, Don’t Touch Me, in too deep, Night, Swimming Through, Tart

SHORTS: Modern Problems

Blue Boy, Clam Shack Blues, Goodbye Tango, Misophonia, My Eyes Are Up Here, The Orb, The Quarantine Redemption, Variations on a Theme

SHORTS: Finding Our Way

Foreign Uncle, Give It To Me, Roadmarks, Strings, The Bond, The Social Chameleon, Wheel

SHORTS: Decisions Decisions

EXIT, NAKAM, Picture Day, Safe as Houses, The Tuner of Silences

SHORTS: Conversations

“Quote Me Outside”,  Confessions, Jack and Sam,  Panda, Rips,  The Unreliables, The Vacation

SHORTS: Be The Change

Deciding Vote, Hawawshi, Infraction, Run Amok, Seeds of Change

SHORTS: Art In Many Forms

Big Three, Dragon Poets of Boston, OtroLado [OtherSide], The Mural Master, The Right One , Wabanaki Modern